ESPEN Newsletter, October 2021

Dear ESPEN member,

Our society is continuing the education, research and other activities to promote clinical nutrition and health trough nutrition. We are excited to inform you about important future events!

We kindly invite you to participate this year to nutritionDay 2021, on November 4th 2021. NutritionDay represents today one of the largest international database on nutrition risk and care in healthcare facilities that supports benchmarking. NutritionDay is a worldwide initiative aiming to raise awareness on disease-related malnutrition and nutritional care processes currently in use in hospital wards, intensive care units and nursing homes facilities. All documents and information for participation are downloadable from the nutritionDay website ( Researchers interested in carrying on a research project using nutritionDay data are welcome to submit a research proposal in English to the nDay scientific Board.

Thank you to all of you who already participated in the online voting on the European Guideline on Obesity care in patients with gastrointestinal and liver diseases – joint ESPEN / UEG guideline. The voting was extended until 31st October 2021. You can access the voting at > survey > questionnaires or by this linkFor technical reasons, we can only guarantee that you receive your login data in time for still participating in the voting if you send your request latest by 27 th October 2021.

We would like to remind you that the consensus conference on the ESPEN Guideline on Micronutrients will be held online on Tuesday, November 30th, 2021 from 2:00 to 6:00 p.m. (CET) via Zoom. You can send your registration to until Thursday 25th November 2021, 2:00 p. m. (CET). Places are limited for technical reasons and will be allocated on a first comes first serves basis. Therefore, we kindly ask you to inform us in case you are unable to attend so that other participants have the opportunity to take part.

The meeting of SIG on pediatrics will be held on November 16 th 2021. This will include a two hours webinar meeting with a few talks and a case discussion. All interested in meeting may register via this link: It is important to make the preregistration one week before the meeting at least.

The expert course of nutrition in the ICU (Nutrition in the ICU: Practical aspects and "Hands on" Course ) will be held on February 7-8, 2022 in Tel Aviv, Rabin Medical Center, Israel. The course will accept no more than 30-35 participants to allow hands-on demonstrations and the time will be shared between theoretical and practical aspects. Full program can be accessed here. For registration please contact the department secretary: +97239376521

We are excited to announce the second ESPEN Life Long Learning (LLL) course during the EFAD Conference 2021! After the succesful ESPEN LLL course on “Nutritional assessment and techniques” during the EFAD Conference in 2019 in Berlin, this year the LLL course “Nutritional Support in Cancer” will be organized on Saturday 30 October, 11.00-14.15 h CET. An excellent team of experts in the field of oncology will discuss the state of the art regarding the role of multimodal therapy, including nutritional therapy and dietary counselling, in patients with cancer. Registration at the EFAD website is open until 26 October!

Best regards,

Your ESPEN Team

Отмяна на конгрес на БДАИЛ

Уважаеми колеги,
Уважаеми партньори,


В началото на 2021 година започнахме организация по провеждането на редовен конгрес на Сдружение Българско Дружество по Анестезиология и Интензивно Лечение, като за целта бе проведен маркетинг и избран хотел, дати на провеждане и формат за провеждането му – присъствено, като се предвиждаше съвместно провеждане с Българско Дружество по Парентерално и Ентерално Хранене - БУЛСПЕН и Българско Дружество за Изследване и Лечение на Болката. Проведоха се множество срещи с фирми. Набраха се резюмета и се изготви програма. Процеса по подготовката се развиваше добре и по план, до момента в който отново нарастна броят на хоспитализираните и най- вече на тези в интензивно лечение ковид пациенти.
След проведени множество телефонни разговори с ръководители на структури по Анестезиология и Интензивно Лечение в страната, както и след среща проведена на 16.09.2021 в 10.00 часа на която присъстваха: проф. Николай Петров, проф. Пламен Кенаров, проф. Атанас Темелков, проф. Стоян Миланов, проф. Евелина Одисеева, доц. Мая Белитова, и онлайн връзка с проф. Чавдар Стефанов и проф. Платиканов, се взе решение конгресът да бъде отложен.
С уважение :
Председател на Дружеството на анестезиолозите в България
чл. кор. проф. Н. Петров, д.м.н


Dear colleague
We are conducting a survey to assess the different approaches to the management of patients with mesenteric ischaemia and intestinal infarction and kindly invite you to participate.
A worldwide survey to assess the management of patients with mesenteric ischaemia & infarction:
Rationale: Patients with mesenteric ischaemia often have a significant delay until a diagnosis is made and some then present with intestinal infarction. There may be differences in the availability of appropriate investigations and treatments as well as differences in teaching and awareness in different settings. We wish to assess the importance of some of these factors prior to conducting a more formal observational study.
Your input to this survey will help us to obtain an overview of the current situation and plan future research aiming to improve outcome of acute mesenteric ischaemia.
on behalf of the Acute Intestinal Failure Special Interest Group of ESPEN
Annika Reintam Blaser, Simon Gabe and Øivind Irtun


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